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Randall's flagship sets the standard and will forever revolutionize how future tube heads are designed. Build this amp with your clean, your rhythm, and your hi-gain tone for a complete custom set-up. With more than a dozen tube preamps always available, chances are you’ll have a hard time picking just three.

- 3 Modules included

Kh1 Kirk hamlet

Randall Brahma

Randall xtc

- 100 Watts

- 6L6 Power tubes new

- MIDI in/thru

- Master Volume, Presence, Density controls

- Parallel loop w/front panel mix control

- Series loop

- Rear tube bias section

- Slave out

- 3-button MIDI footswitch included

- World voltage AC input selector (100/120/220/240)

- Modules included

Randall RM 100 head

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