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THE workshop

By passion for vintage amplification, I founded the workshop in 2010. 

Since then, I have been working on guitar and bass amps as well as on certain transistor models.


Specialised in everything that gets close to the instrument that is a guitar, I have recently added expertise on servicing Fender Rhodes and some keyboards.


My philosophy is to offer a professional service, customized service taking into consideration the needs of each amateur or professional musician. 

I defend the values in which I believe by always offering a realistic fee quote. 


Tube Amps and Various Instrument Repairs

Alligator covers the reparation of your tube amps from all brands whether they are vintage modern or boutique. My range of services also covers the repair of any electonic gear used around guitars, such as effect pedals and wiring. 


Specialized in vintage guitar amplification for many years, I remain at your disposal in taking the best possible decisions in your choice to restore and optimise your tube electronics. 


Custom Creations

Thanks to a vast experience with demanding musicians, I can build custom amps for you based on great classic amps by choosing with you the components to be used and the modifications to be made.


Upon request, it is also possible to build an amp based on a kit of your choice. 

Guitar Repair and Setting

Anything that your guitar may need in terms of maintenance, repair or modification can be carried out at the workshop or by our luthier who works exclusively with Alligator. 

Installing pickups, refretting a neck, setting up the guitar, installing a Bigsby, modification of wiring, etc. 

Let’s discuss your needs !


Rhodes Keyboard repairs & adjustments

For your Fender Rhodes : setting up, repair, restoration and also tuning by an experienced professional pianist who is particularly precise on the intonation required. 

Hammond, Wurlitzer, etc : contact me to discuss the work to be made on your keyboard. 

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