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The advantages of consignment at Alligator

a turnkey solution

For the Seller:

Much more than an online ad, the showroom and reception of Alligator music product and services enhances your equipment.


we provide a whole service to allow its sale under the best conditions.

  • Preparation for sale: cleaning, adjustment, repair if necessary.

  • Management of the sales process, reception, presentation, test, evaluation of possible deals to the advantage of the seller.

  • management of advertisements on the main specialized sites as well as on the alligator website social networks.

  • complete management of the process: photography, technical sheet, follow-up, answer to questions, transaction ...)

  • Payment guarantee

  • Win-win commission rate


For the Buyer:

  • instruments selected and revised by a specialist

  • the help of a real expertise and sound advice  

  • Availability by appointment in order to take the time between us to really make a pragmatic and advised choice

  • Parts & labor warranty (depending on material and condition)

  • Secure online payment solution

i'm a seller how is it going?

We agree together on the selling price according to the value of the new equipment (when it is still produced and marketed), its current condition, and its rating on the used market.

Our commission is calculated according to this scale:

  • From 1.- to 499.-: 30%

  • From 500.- to 1499.-: 25%

  • From 1500.-: 20%


All repairs required for the presentation and sale of your equipment in good condition will be invoiced in addition to this commission.

Here are some examples of prices: standard settings 80chf // guitar strings between 12 and 20chf // bass strings between 40 and 60chf // Relamping: from 50chf excluding lamps // vacum tubes between 22 and 66chf each



For more information and or to drop off an instrument, contact us


we take in deposit instruments like amp or effect, acoustic electric guitar bass, rhodes, wurlizer, ludwig vintage drum, to talk about it!


call us 0764896900

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