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This is a real underrated full tube hand wired great combo

This one comes with a flight case which garanties you to keep as new as it is through the use of gigs transport etc


Kt66 power tubes

It is just a great amp

Services and ready to rock

Here is Marshall full description of the amp :

Get classic British tone and modern functionality with the Marshall Astoria Classic all-tube guitar amplifier combo. The Astoria Classic delivers a loud, clean tone with tons of headroom and punch. This amp was made for pedal enthusiasts who prefer to add gain and color with stompboxes. The custom-voiced Celestion 12" Creamback speaker ensures tight low end and smooth highs. A cool power reduction function lets you bring the volume down for rehearsing and recording. The vintage-inspired and boutique-vibed Marshall Astoria combo amp is the perfect basis for any guitar rig!

Marshall Astoria Classic Tube Guitar Amplifier Combo at a Glance:

All-tube design delivers big sound

Boutique vibe and classic Marshall tone

Dial in practice levels with onboard power reduction

All-tube design delivers big sound

Utilizing a cathode-biased KT66 power section and GZ34 rectifier, the Astoria Classic gives you a wide range of tones with a definite Marshall vibe. The Astoria Classic was designed for players who want a loud, clean amp that's perfect for pedals. Handwired in Bletchley, England, Astoria amps use turrets mounted to printed circuit boards that let complex switching and handwiring exist in the same amplifier. Sweetwater knows that good tone is important to you, and we're confident that the Marshall Astoria Classic can do the job.

Boutique vibe and classic Marshall tone

The all-tube Marshall Astoria Classic tube amp combo delivers fat British tones in a stylish and great-looking package. The top-mounted control panel, leather carrying strap, and old-school Marshall logo badge are a nod to Marshall amps from the '60s. The eye-catching two-tone vinyl covering and boutique cabinet design are sure to set these amps apart from the crowd.

Dial in practice levels with onboard power reduction

Thanks to the Astoria Classic's onboard power reduction, you can retain all that tonal richness even at low volumes. Imagine being able to plug your guitar into the same thick, sustaining tonality in the practice room or studio that you get when it's wide open on the big stage. With the Marshall Astoria Classic, all it takes is a simple pull of a knob.

Marshall Astoria Classic Tube Guitar Amplifier Combo Features:

Single-channel all-tube amplifier with defined British tone

Loud, clean amp that's perfect for pedals

A pair of KT66 power tubes and GZ34 rectifier deliver bold and punchy tones

Custom-voiced Celestion 12" Creamback speaker delivers punch, tight low end, and smooth highs

Cool 2-tone vinyl covering stands out from other amps

Handwired in Bletchley, England

Tech Specs


Number of Channels1

Total Power30W (5W pull switch setting

Speaker Size1 x 12" Custom-voiced Celestion G12H-75 Creamback speaker


Preamp Tubes3 x ECC83/12AX7

Power Tubes2 x KT66, 1 x GZ34 rectifier tube

Inputs2 x 1/4" (Hi/Lo inputs)

Outputs5 x 1/4" (4, 8 and 16 ohm outputs), internal speaker uses 8 ohm jack

Marshall Astoria Classic - 30W 1x12" Guitar Combo

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