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What do Jeff Beck, Joe Perry, Keith Richards, John Mayer, Robert Plant, Vance Powell, the late great Tom Petty, Buddy Miller, Jack White, Dan Auerbach, and TBone Burnette, all have in common?

They all rely on the Fulltone TTE for part of their sound.

Fulltone Tape echoes are the best sounding and feeling echo devices you will ever play through, and if you buy one I bet that you will own it for the rest of your life. It's not easy or cheap hand-building Tape Echoes in the USA, in California, none the less. It is an intense labor of love and a source of pride because honestly no one else can do it but me...or they would.

The Fulltone TubeTapeEcho is quite literally what would happen if you took a vintage EP-2 Echoplex:

ran the preamp at over 200 volts

put better heads on it

improved the tape transport

gave it 2 tape speeds

put better quality tape on it

installed an intelligent torque (and speed) adjusting DC powered transport motor

got rid of the hum by running the filaments on 12VDC

made it stereo

gave it true bypass

got rid of the Ep-2's sound-robbing Echo Cancel feature and replaced it with a relay-activated cancel function allowing for any cable length to the footswitch with no degradation to the sound of the repeats

gave it a separate Instrument and Echo volume control

and put a tone control on it affecting only the repeats

Fulltone tube tape echo custom shop

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