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In 2012 Fender released the American Vintage Series Feature '1st 46' Units. A limited number of the new American Vintage Series instruments feature “1st 46” neck plates, a designation given to the first 46 instruments of each model year. This guitar was bought in Japan and has been toured, so she has Marks of heavy playing, she is a beast sounds and play great and has a great  mojo These neck plates commemorate the fact that Fender was founded in 1946, as well as the fact that Fender is releasing the most accurate and beautiful Fender reissue instruments ever from key historical years. The neck plate will serve as an indicator that these “1st 46” models were the first of their kind to be built, as well as add an element of collectability to these first run instruments. These units will be randomly distributed around the globe for Fender fans everywhere to have a chance to find one in their local stores.

Fender Telecaster ‘58 1st of 46 American vintage reissue

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