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In 1997 and 98 Fender Japan offered this little series of three "Limited Edition" guitars dedicated to and designed by the Hellecasters, Will Ray, Jerry Donahue and John Jorgenson. Not only the awesome look and the rarity but also many special constructional details make these guitars very interesting and collectible.Here you can buy the tree guitars of this limited edition They won’t sell separately Fender CIJ Limited Edition HellecastersJerry Donahue StratocasterWhat   says about this guitar This is a fantastic Strat and a unique one.The wiring is unparalled in that the Seymour Duncan pickups mix Tele-, Strat- and exclusive Jerry-Donahue signature tones. There are master volume and master tone pots only. The middle tone pot is not a pot but just a 2-way-rotary switch.Combining it with the 5-way blade selector you get 8 switching options and sounds to choose from.Firstly there are the 5 regular Strat tones, of course.Turn the middle pot over and you get 3 more options for the positions 2, 3 and 4.In position 3 you get neck and bridge pickups in parallel. In position 2 and 4 the neck and the bridge pickup are combined with a secret resistor and a cap in order to produce some slightly "out-of-phase-" or "in-between-" sounds not too far away from what you get in the normal Strat positions there.These are the Jerry Donahue tradmark sounds that can`t be found only on other Donahue signature guitars that mimic the Strat`s famous in-between-sounds by the use of the neck and bridge pickups only. (Therefore all other Donahue Signature guitars from Peavey, Fret King and from Fender look more like Telecasters and only have two pickups but still offer these Strat-like-sounds.) I don`t use these much but I like the normal neck and bridge combination (without resistor and cap) which is pretty close to a politer version of the Tele middle position. That Donahue bridge pickup has a steel plate underneath for more focused mids and some extra winds for more sustain and punch. It is similar or almost similar to the Seymour Duncan "Twangbucker". The other pickups are Seymour Duncan vintage style alnico II Strat pickups.The best thing about this guitar is the neck. One piece maple with vintage frets and a pretty thick profile with a light V-shape. Absolutely fantastic!This was my main guitar for years.

Fender Hellecaster sold only with the other model of the collection

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