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Fender Custom Shop '52 mod JOURNEYMAN telecaster faded 2 tone sunbusrt .


slightly Modified take on an all time classic makes this '52 MOD Journeyman a very comfortable, usable and versatile guitar. While still off course combined with all the skill & craftmanship the Fender Custom Shop has, this is another beautifull Custom Shop Tele.


The Faded 2-Tone Sunburst has a specifically nice 'glow' to it, and as you can see on the pictures the guitar just wants tot stand out. This being a Journeyman Finish, the Relicing is done very very softly and just enough for you to get that 'played in'-feel the instant you pick it up and start playing.


This '52 Tele does indeed has some interesting Modern features. The Fretboard has a Compound Radius and feels just as accessible all over the fretboard. The neck has a Large "C" shape that we have come to know on most '52 style Tele's, but it's still far off from the widely known (and very chunky :) "Baseball bat".


The Trusrod is easily accessible at the head of the guitar; another feature that's just handy. You can adjust it wherever and as quick as you want. And if you look at the pictures you can see it has 22 frets


The Tele has 2 different and Handwound pickups;


- Handwound Broadcaster Bridge pickup

- Handwound '51 Nocaster Neck pickup


Other features include;


- Lightweight Ash Body

- Nitrocellulose Lacquer Journeyman finish

- 22 frets

- Medium Jumbo frets

- Maple Quartersawn neck

- Straplocks

- 9.50 - 12.0 Compound Radius


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