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The Alligator workshop offers introductory courses on how to make your own point-to-point pedals or amps.

These courses are intended for anyone wishing to make their own guitar, bass, amp kit effect and know some basic electronics.


internships take place at least over a full day,

you can contact me to arrange the organization of a private course or a maximum of 10 people.


The desire to make your own effects, demystify all this, be able to modify them yourself, make your first point to point tube amp tickles you ????


Then it's time to register for an internship

Stage Stomp Box

You will learn how to read a diagram to make good welds.

You will choose a kit in order to carry out your project and according to your capacities.

You will leave with your effect.

The kits are complete raw box components and buttons

I have no electronics skills is this a problem?

No special skills are needed for motivation.

- 1 to 10 people can participate in the course at the same time.

-you come with your own tools according to the list provided when booking

-Alligator also offers basic sets of equipment to do a good job and to keep the momentum going and stay motivated to work with good tools

Progress of a stomp box stage:

the course takes place over one day

-the morning study of the circuit components and realization of the assembly of the elements.

-the afternoon circuit finish, mounting the circuit in the pedal and operating test for possible problems

Avenir Light est une police épurée et élégante et appréciée des designers. Agréable à regarder, elle s'adapte parfaitement aux titres et paragraphes.

Are you interested in the experience?

Do not hesitate to contact me in case of questions.

To detail the process or clarify the organization.


Meals accommodation.

Meals are at your expense, we choose a restaurant with the group.

accommodation at your expense.

Prices :

All prices include a one-day course to which is added your kit depending on the one you have chosen the kits contain all the box as well as all the components.


Price of a day of training ..... Chf

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